Death Team

If you haven’t heard of Death Team, you’re really missing out. Death Team are the greatest new-but-not-that-new Swedish electro-pop group in the business. They only have two songs, yet they have already amassed an army of fans worldwide. Yeah, they’re that good. Their second single, “F*cking Bitches In The Hood”, received over 1M streams on Spotify in a matter of months. Their next single, “Dolphin Style” is due out next month and in the brief preview they played for me via Snapchat it sounds like another hit in the making. They gave me an interview via email about their beginnings and their forthcoming album. Check it out.
Death Team is a fairly new act, but according to your website it says that you have both had experience with music. Has your style changed much over the years? And have you evolved together to get the sound you have today?
We have evolved so much just by working so much together. Mayka got her eyes for the overall feeling in music while Johen is crazy about the details. No one of us could create Death Team without the other one. Even though Johen was into indiepop and Mayka was into house, we are both evolving into making music that is much easier and funnier and with more soul.
How did you two meet?
We actually met in the Spotify HQ in Stockholm when we were playing with our different projects. We started making music together and Death Team was born. It took about six months before we really found an interesting direction.
Who are your biggest influences?
Hiphop and Pop from the 90s. Its soooooo good.
Your next single is called “Dolphin Style”. What can we expect from that song?
You can expect samples, violins playing crazy melodies, a flute solo, the world dolphin used as a metaphor for being free.
Is your album nearing completion? I know quite a few of us fans would love to hear it soon.
Yeah we got like two more songs to finish, then the album is all done.We are looking forward to show you guys the songs we made 🙂
If there was one thing you could tell your younger selves, what would it be?
Relax. Everything will work out just fine. Most of the things we worried about as kids wasn’t such big deal when you think of it now.
Dolphin Style is out 8th of May via Warner Music and Cow Pow

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